Spa Zalakaros


Besides the peerless natural environment and the inhabitants’ hospitality, the town’s main attraction is the spa-complex, which dates back to a more than 55-year past. The medicinal water of Zalakaros is a kind of thermal water with sodium chloride and hydrogen carbonate, which due to its iodide and bromide ion content – is classified among iodine-bromide waters; while due to its sulphide ion content is classified among sulphurous medicinal waters. The water is slightly radioactive, with quite a high meta-boric acid content. The medicinal water exerts its effect most favourably an curing chronic gynaecological, locomotor and articular diseases and in the treatment of nervous system and heart diseases, and cirdulatory and metabolic disturbances.
Owing to the developments of the previous years, by these days the “Zalakaros Spa” fonded in 1965 has become Hungary’s one of the largest baths. Im summer, it has more than 5000 m² water surface available for guests, thereof a water surface of about 1500 m² is covered. The spa has become a wellness centre besides curing guests.