Parkerdő offers nice excursions. Tourist routes pass by “Kilátó” (Observation Tower) that offers a magnificent panoramic view of Balaton Uplands; with clear sight, one can see as far as Badacsony even.

  1. Walk in the forest park of Zalakaros: 4150 metres passing by the observation tower, the sleigh track and the so-called “Százlépcsõ” (Hundred Steps)
  2. “Bögre hill” round: 5500 metres walk around the city passing by the hillside wine yards, vaults and the belfry
  3. “Kilátó round”: 5150 metres walk around the city passing by shops, restaurants, the observation tower and wine-vaults panoramic view of the surrounding landscape
  4. “Felsõ hill” round: 5850 metres walk around city passing by ice cream shops, restaurants and the observation tower
  5. Bath Zalakaros – Forest park Zalakaros – vineyards – fishpond Galambok – Galambok
  6. National Blue Trail: towards Galambok and Zalaújlak
  7. Regional Green Trail: towards Zalamerenye


We have tour of different lengths and difficulties starting from the bicycle center sin Zalakaros. If you try one of these routes you will have the opportunity to visit the sights of this area.


  1. Kis-Balaton tour (30 km)
    Zalakaros – Zalakomár – Bivalyrezervátum – Balatonmagyaród – Kányavári-sziget – Zalavár – Zalaszabar – Nagyrada – Garabonc – Zalakaros
  2. To Nagykanizsa:
    Zalakaros – Galambok – Nagyrécse – Nagykanizsa – Gelse – Kilimán – Orosztony – Zalaszabar – Nagyrada – Garabonc – Zalakaros
  3. To hills Somogyi:
    Zalakaros – Galambok – Zalaszentjakab – Miháld – Pat – Inke – Iharosberény – Nagykanizsa – Nagyrécse – Galambok – Zalakaros