The guests could occupy the first roofed building of Zalakaros Spa in 1975. This date was a milestone in the history of the Spa, because the whole-year opening independently from the season could be realized as of this date and the therapeutic services on the basis of the medicinal water have been implemented. This was such an important event for the city of Zalakaros that the phrase “roofed” has remained in the name of this department until today.

There are 2 pools with medicinal water under the typical fan-shaped roof, which are very popular amongst the guests arriving for a bath cure to be healed. The building has obtained its current layout in 2013, when the relaxation area connected to the pool has been expanded, where the guests may take a rest on comfortable beds between the treatments. A cold-water pool has also been established for a light, toning swim, which is also very beloved amongst our visitors.

Our unit operates throughout the whole year, may be used with the basic ticket, the therapeutic services can be reached from here the quickest, as well as the units established in the course of each new expansion, such as the medical centre or the adventure spa. A restaurant is also available in the building and the passage to the open-air spa is also granted during the summer season.


Good to know!

– Opening hours: over the whole year

– Water type: medicinal water

– Recommended for adults


With which type of entry cards may the Medical Centre be used?

– It may be visited with a basic entry card.


What is it recommended for

Zalakaros Spa is an officially recognised medicinal spa by the Ministry of Health since 1978. The composition of the medical water of Zalakaros – due to the variety and amount of minerals and trace elements – is unique in Europe, containing various organic materials and soluble salt, its content of alkali-chlorides, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromide, hydrogen sulphide, fluoride, boric acid and methacrylate is significant.

The minerals have positive effects on the different body parts. It is generally valid, that the sedimentation rate and the inflammation factors improve, the temperature of the skin changes, the muscle power, muscle circumference, blood circulation, muscle pains and mobility-impairment get better, the joint tumescence will be smaller and the locomotor system diseases will be relieved.

The sulphur can be absorbed via the skin and the respiratory tracts in big amounts during bathing, it gets with the help of the blood circulation to the tissues, will be built in the cartilages, expands the coronary arteries, impedes the absorption of cholesterol and supports the basic metabolic processes. It is important to mention, that the sulphur is perfectly suitable for the treatment of a public skin disease, like psoriasis as well.




Diseases of the locomotor system (except for the acute diseases)

Joint diseases

  • Degenerative joint diseases
  • Cartilage changes
  • Joint inflammation
  • Aspects of autoimmune diseases to the locomotor system
  • Rheumatoid diseases


Tendon diseases, inguinal rheumatism

  • Tennis-elbow
  • Rigidity remaining after joint inflammations
  • Joint pains
  • Connective tissue diseases

Musculature diseases

  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle inflammation
  • Muscle atrophy


Skeletal diseases

  • Osteoporosis
  • Calcifications


Spine diseases

  • Spine deformities
  • Degenerative spine diseases
  • Hernia
  • Bechterew-disease


Stages after surgery or accident

  • Post-treatment of sports injuries
  • Locomotor system deformations after accidents
  • Post-treatment after joint and skeletal surgeries
  • Post-treatment of fracture

Gynaecological and urological diseases

  • Gynaecological inflammations in chronic stadium
  • Climax


Nervous system diseases (except for the acute diseases)

  • Post-treatment of paralyses
  • Post-treatment of Heine-Medin disease (infantile paralyse)
  • Locomotor system diseases with neurological origin
  • Neuralgia
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Rehabilitation after neurological surgeries
  • Nerve inflammation
  • Nerve pains
  • Psychosomatic conditions
  • Changes of the vegetative nervous system


Respiratory diseases

  • Trachea diseases
  • Upper respiratory tract infections


Enteric or metabolic diseases

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes


Cardiovascular diseases

  • Peripheral arterial obstructions
  • Circulatory disturbances (when controlled by physician)


Skin diseases

  • Psoriasis
  • Chronic skin diseases





Catching disease

Open, weep wounds

Erysipelas, leg ulcers

Acute and sub-acute inflammations

Circulatory deficiencies

6 months after thrombosis and infarct

Suddenly appearing unconsciousness

Extremely high blood pressure

Cancer diseases

After radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Chronic alcoholism, serious cirrhosis

Acute thyroid inflammationv

Menstrual disturbances




Pool bath

The medicinal bath is as essential part of the cure. Before the treatments the muscles will be relaxed and prepared for the therapy treatment as an effect of the water temperature. Recommended duration: 30-40 minutes, unless the physician specifies others.

Tub bath

Individualized based on the disease or symptoms, with medical advice.


Mud mask

We apply the medicinal mud of Hévíz mixed with the medicinal water of Zalakaros warmed up to the proper temperature in a 5-8 cm thick layer to the body part defined by the physician, then we cover it expertly to keep the heat and leave it on the treated body part for the defined time. It is recommended to take an hour of rest after the mud mask!

Scope of application: degenerative diseases of the locomotor system, rehabilitation after accidents, sport injuries, chronic gynaecologic diseases, skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis). Rapid improvement may be achieved due to its immune system strengthening and pain relieving effect.

The mud mask treatment is only available after consultation with the physician and with medical advice.


Weight bath

A treatment with stretching and pulling may be mainly applied in case of vertebral disk problems, but also in case of knee and hip pains. The patient hangs in a specially equipped pool either suspended by his neck according to the problematic body part or in resting position by the armpits. The load may be increased gradually with the development of the treatments.

The weight bath treatment is only available after consultation with the physician and with medical advice.


Carbonic acid bath

The free carbonic acid gas settles in form of small bubbles on the body surface. As an effect of it the capillary vessels expand, the blood circulation will be stimulated and the skin blushes. It may be used in case of hypertonia, minor heart complaints and as a treatment after infarction and distress, it has a calming effect in case of complaints caused by stress. Further indications: diabetes, osteoporosis, improvement and conditioning of the nervous system function.


Medical healing massage

The rigid, strained, aching muscles can be loosened with the help of the classic Swedish massage movements.  The elasticity of the skin may be improved, the emptying of the deposited toxins can be supported by the stimulation of the blood circulation. It is recommended for people doing heavy physical work or having a seated workplace.



Underwater massage with water jet, as an effect of it the muscle stiffness will be reduced, the rigidity of the musculature and the degenerated joints will be loosened. It stimulates the metabolism and the lymph circulation. A personalized treatment executed in a special tub.


Underwater remedial gymnastic in groups

The body weight will be reduced during the gymnastics in the medicinal water, so it can be done in case of joint pains and the mobility of the joints can be improved. The gymnastics directed by the physiotherapist have conditioning, pain-relieving, metabolism and blood and lymph circulation stimulating effect.


Complex treatment

In case of a complex treatment the physician prescribes 15 of the package consisting of 1 medicinal bath entry and 3 treatments selected by him, which may be used twice a year. The patient has to participate on the treatments 3 weeks long on each weekday (Monday to Friday). Our spa ensures a separate room for relax for the time between the treatments available on the particular day.